1. Who, what, and why?

Hi there, my name is David Q. Jin. I'm a web designer and brand stylist at Hustle Like A Boss Design. I craft websites and brand identities for creative entrepreneurs and help them elevate their brands and grow their businesses. I also offer on-demand coding services, from small things like making your Mailchimp signup form look good, to adding custom functionality to your website.

Squarespace is one of my favorite website platforms. But a common problem that my clients and fellow web designers come across is figuring out which Squarespace template a website is using.

An existing solution is to visit the website, view the source code, search for the template ID first and then, if you can find one, check it against a ID reference table that you've found somewhere.

But that's way too many steps! As a smart business owner, time is money. Not to mention the fact that some of those solutions need some serious updating. Which is why I set out to find a better, much simpler solution.

2. So how does it work?

Meet Findr: the simplest Squarespace template identifier on the planet. All you need to do is copy and paste the URL and just let the magic happen!

Here's what makes Findr your next favorite tool as a Squarespace user:

  1. It’s beautifully minimalistic, thanks to a customized version of Skeleton CSS boilerplate.
  2. It’s super simple to use. No more fumbling around!
  3. It’s powerful: for any website, it will tell you whether it’s built on Squarespace or some other platform, and, if it’s a Squarespace website, what template is used. If you want to dive deeper, links to the demo site and official Squarespace user guide are also included. And it has the largest Squarespace template database ever, with over a hundred templates and counting.
  4. And it’s FREE, thanks to the generous support of users like you!

You can read more about this project here.

3. Why does my search return more than one result?

That's because all those templates belong to the same family. You can find out more about Squarespace template families here.

4. Why does my search return no result at all?

Three possibilities:

  • The template is custom-designed and our database only contains official Squarespace templates. (If you're interested in a custom design, check out Hustle Like A Boss Design.)
  • The template is an official Squarespace template, but not yet added to our database. (If you're positive that this is the case, please add it here.)
  • The website is not built on Squarespace. (If you need help building a similar website on Squarespace, drop David a line!)

5. How can I help?

Findr is an open-source web application free for all to use. Hosting a web application costs money, just like hosting a website. And it takes time and efforts to maintain the application as well. So if you find this project useful, please consider making a donation of any amount, and keep it up and running. Donations are powered by PayPal, so feel free to use your PayPal account or credit card.)